New Beginnings Fellowship Baptist Church
Sunday, January 21, 2018
A JESUS Driven Church

Photo Gallery 2005


Em, Whitney, and Chris enjoy a meal!

Adult Team leaders with Antonio!

Group picture in Aldama plaza!

Kathy and Phillip with VBS in Nacimiento!

Wilton meeting the Mayor of Aldama!

Joe and Elijah with VBS kids by the school!

Austin and Gary doing street evangelism!

Carlos, Cory and Phillip sharing Jesus!

Elizabeth and Keely witnessing in the plaza!

Another for Jesus! Terra, Becca and Crystal!

Janet, a tearful reunion! Tears of joy!

Happy Birthday, MAEGAN!

Jay sharing Jesus at VBS!

Student leadership team with some adults and interpeters!

Came to sell at the night service and got saved at the invitation! Praise the Lord!

Amanda with the kids at the night service!


Prayer before baptism!

Street ministry as clowns!

Pastor Eugene and his wife!

Some of the homes in the villages at
Paso Hondo!

Robert, Jay, Richard and others at.....?